Unchanged since 1912. Liberty stayed the same, year after year—a name you knew and a reputation you could depend on. In the hundred or so years since, the green Liberty stripe became a badge of honor and pride in the country, county and backroad stretches of America. Patents expire over time, but traditions and history don’t. And while there may be other bib overall brands on the market today, there’s only one Liberty.

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Liberty is about living free. Remaining true to yourself and the qualities that drive you. And, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We make iconic bib overalls that haven’t changed much since 1912, because if they were any different, they wouldn’t be Libertys.

Liberty stands for unwavering quality and craftsmanship built to take on every task, every day. We respect folks who tell it like it is even if it takes them some time to get to the point. You can ask around and you’ll hear it just the same — Liberty overalls work just right for what you need.
The way we see it, you could overpay for a vintage, worn-in pair from someone else’s experiences… but isn’t it better to do it yourself? Taking pride in figuring it out and getting it done is a commandment of country wisdom. That’s just how it’s done out here.